Thor Halvorssen Takes A Unique Approach To Human Rights Activism

As the founder of the Human Rights Foundation you would expect Thor Halvorssen to be an activist in a serious and often downtrodden mold; however, Halvorssen is not the average activist as he has often set himself apart from the majority of human rights groups with his upbeat attitude and energetic persona. Halvorssen has been working to assist others who find themselves stripped of their human rights because of the many personal experiences the Venezuelan born activist has with human rights issues against members of his own family.


Thor Halvorssen sees the issue of maintaining human rights as the most important one in the modern world and has set out his stall to protect those trapped in closed societies. Halvorssen has worked with many of the best known human rights activism groups in the world, but decided he had to set out on his own path with a number of politicians and former political prisoners acting as the board of the charitable organization he established as the Human Rights Foundation. In 2012, the former chess champion and now political opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Gary Kasparov was appointed Chairman of the Human Rights Foundation.


There is more to the life of Thor Halvorssen than simply human rights activism, with the film producer heading to the top of his chosen profession with a series of critically well received documentaries and fiction movies. Halvorssen has always been looking to work in different areas of film production and activism, which eventually led to him establishing the Oslo Freedom Forum and human rights groups for children and young people.


For Thor Halvorssen there is much to enjoy in life as he sets out to find a new way of making sure each and every political group that violates the human rights of another human being. Unlike many other groups the Human Rights Foundation is willing to publicize the human rights abuses committed by left wing governments like those found in Venezuela and Cuba, which are usually ignored by the more mainstream human rights activism groups.

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Doe Deere’s Rise to Success


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