Nutrimost Sues Healthy Living For Theft of Content

Tired of holding on to those extra pounds? Nutrimost’s rival Healthy Living was exposed. Healthy Living is a known source for healthy tips and living a healthy lifestyle. Which is why it surprised Nutrimost when they found their very own content broadcasting a new unknown diet. Can’t Lose Diet, a subsite to Healthy Living, took a video from Nutrimost’s site and replaced all instances of Nutrimost with Can’t Lose Diet.

After all was said and done, Nutrimost regained their content and also sued Healthy Living for a hefty sum of $300,000 due to loss of “goodwill and reputation.” Can’t Lose Diet even used the same testimonials in their video. The ending resulted in Can’t Lose Diet lawsuit, barred Healthy Living from using any of Nutrimost’s content.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

Nutrimost prides itself on results and those speak for themselves. Dr. Mitch founder of the Nutrimost system is a living breathing billboard. The same results that everyone is experiencing, so is Dr. Mitch. He understands that there is not one simple diet that everyone can use.

Nutrimost is tailored to each patient. Dr. Mitch understands that we all have some sort of biodiversity. It’s what makes us different. Their proven system has client testimonials coming in by the bag full. The results are amazing and to top it off, once a patient has reached their target weight, Dr. Mitch and his staff help to educate the patient in maintaining their target by keeping those extra pounds at bay.

There’s no need to waste tons of money on diet plans and supplements that just don’t work! We are all different and deserve the same results as everyone else. We just might have a different set of parameters as our neighbors. Find out what how Nutrimost can improve your health today!

Popular Nutrimost weight loss system promotional video stolen

Nutrimost was pretty shocked when it saw its promotional video being shown on the rival Healthy Living’s website recently. The video was stolen off the Nutrimost website and placed on Healthy Living’s, can’, and Nutrimost couldn’t be more angry.

Nutrimost responded by filing a Federal Lawsuit against its rival. They state the stolen video kept customer testimonials and comments from the author of the program, Dr. Ray Wisniewski, but removed all references to Nutrimost while replacing it with Healthy Living’s “Can’t Lose Diet”.

Dr. Ray Wisniewski, the principal of the program, says the diet is totally safe and those in the weight loss program are actively monitored by medical personnel. Dr. Wisniewski practices “pastoral medicine”, a practice that involves science and spiritual health wisdom and understanding.

The videos are identical even to the point of the claims of the outcome of the diet. Both state that no exercise is needed, and no one will feel hungry while on the program. In addition to the system claims, a person should be able to lose from 25 to 45 pounds in as little as forty days. No drugs are used, there are no hormones that need to be taken, and there are no prepackaged meals.

A cease-and-desist order was received by Healthy Living, but they ignored the order by continuing to play the video, although it was a little shorter than the original. To date, the video has not returned to the website mentioned.

Nutrimost offers the most advanced weight loss program. They proudly call themselves the “Ultimate Fat Loss System”. While on their program, a person can lose up to 40 pounds in 40 days.

No exercise is required in the program, and there is no feeling of being hungry. There is no surgery, there are no hormones, and no harmful drugs.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Gear is Getting a Huge Makeover

The Pittsburgh Steelers is the number one overall rated football team in terms of Super Bowl wins. This organization is not only known for its football skills on the field; it is also known for its fantastic fan fashions. Yea, that’s right; the Steelers fans are some of the sharpest franchise supporters in the league. Here is a look at some of the new changes being brought about by Susan McGalla, the Steelers Director of Strategic Planning and Growth.

Susan McGalla has been in fashion all of her life. She is a former president of American Eagle Outfitter and a former CEO of Wet Seal. McGalla has a lot of experience with figuring out the types of clothing that would sell best among select target groups.

When it comes to the Steelers, the team’s colors, black and yellow; makes a great scheme for sports gear. Susan McGalla has also done something different as far as taking the Steeler’s brand and making it more accessible on regular and trendy clothing.

Fashion brands such as Victoria’s Secret and Tommy Bahama are just two new places where the Steelers logo will start to appear on some garments. Steeler symbols and colors has already been used on Nike gear and Susan McGalla will continue this trend.

McGalla also plans on appealing to more female Steeler fans, young and old. She is using different color schemes such as pink, neon yellow and gold to appeal toward the female population. The pieces that she has created will be designed for flexibility, style and overall comfort. People will also be able to dress up with the new line of Steeler gear and dress down with it as well.

One of the things that McGalla is doing is keeping in touch with the fans. She deeply values their opinions. Since McGalla was born in Pittsburgh she grew up in a city that is committed to their team and their lifestyle. The clothing that she is now promoting reflects these values. Steelers fans can expect to see more of their favorite team’s logo on work or casual wear and even on upscale clothing for special events.


How Does A Loan From Devco Help New Jersey Cities?

Someone who wants to be able to change the way their community looks needs to make sure that they are going to have the help of the people from DEVCO. Devco is going to help cities who are trying to make more of their downtrodden areas, and it is something that cities need to be sure of when they are going to start planning. Planning for the future is very important, and that is why the Press of Atlantic City has been running a story on this. They want to show that Devco can create a plan that makes companies come to the area, and it helps to increase tourism with help from the casinos or hotels that are built.

These places bring more commerce and jobs to the area that are needed. These jobs will help families what they need, and they will also have new places to live. Someone who is trying to get a better job and get out of a bad neighborhood will not have to when a Devco loan is used to created a much better developments. There are many people who are trying to get a better life, and that is why Devco is so helpful.

Devco has become the best place for cities to get loans for their developments, and it is even more important for these communities to keep coming back to Devco to get more loans. They are going to get the help that they need in the form of a loan for construction, and then they are going to have a lot larger tax base for their community. They need to have the help that comes from Devco, and they need to know that there is always a way to make a bad community back into a good one complete with jobs and commerce.


Duda Melzer Becomes a Popular Leader for Grupo RBS Organization

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, better known as Duda, took over the reigns at Grupo RBS. His appointment was actually extremely popular. His induction ceremony was broadcast live, and 6,416 members of the company staff watched it. Family members and employees flocked to an office in Porto Alegre to meet up with him in person.

It’s nice to hear about such a popular figure in an era when there are so many stories of corporate scandals and corruption. Duda rose up the corporate ladder by way of hard work. He originally assumed an executive position at Grupo RBS when a prominent administrator received a promotion. His grandfather was the company’s founder, and he pledged to work harder in order to fulfill his grandfather’s vision.

While he’s emphasized the importance of using technology to solve problems, he’s also remarked that the company should never loose sight of the human dimension in any business venture. There are living people on both sides of every business transaction. Duda has stressed that each of these transactions needs to be beneficial to the parties on both sides of them.

Duda Melzer has so far overseen a major expansion of Grupo RBS operations in the Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul areas. He has overseen the company’s acquisition of radio stations and television outlets in the two markets. Grupo RBS also operates a digital company now that provides similar content online.

Recently Duda has expressed interested in providing additional executive education services. It seems that there’s no end to his popularity. He also seems to have a very solid vision for the future.


Duda Melzer assume posição de Nelson Sirotsky na direção do Grupo RBS

Avi Weisfogel – A man of many interests

Avi Weisfogel is a professional businessman, philanthropist and active dentist in the New Jersey area. He recently started a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for a organization called Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a global organization that travels to different states and countries providing surgeries for those who have cleft palates, cleft lips, facial deformities and other issues. The organization was started in the early 80’s by a couple that are passionate in providing services for those who need it most and allowing them the ability to never give up hope. Avi Weisfogel is a very passionate and well respected dentist who is invested in raising funds for the campaign. Opertion Smile continues to provide exceptional services and work with government agencies to provide much need surgeries for young children.

Dr. Weisfogel is also very passionate in the dentistry industry and has expanded his services to a company that he founded called Dental Sleep Masters. The Dental Sleep Masters was started to help patients resolve some of their issues that they have with sleep by working with the doctors offices, DME providers, certified sleep physicians, sleep labs and all others who are involved with finding quality sleep for the patient. Dentists who have joined the team and taken part in the program have had more success with treating patients more effectively and reaching the level of compliance that is needed from each patient. Many people suffer from sleep apnea and go undiagnosed every day. Dr. Weisfogel helps educated doctor’s offices and heir staff with different signs and symptoms they should be looking for to help confirm the diagnosis. He has formulated an oral mouth piece that can be used to correct sleep apnea and give patient’s the much desired sleep that they’ve been missing out on for years and years.

When Avi Weisfogel isn’t busy supporting charity events and building prominent, successful companies, he finds himself making music and building a base of followers on Soundcloud. He has always had a love for music and has finally take a leap to invest in his love for the hip-hop industry. He enjoys finding new music and tunes through Soundcloud and sharing it with his followers. Read more about his music experience here.

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Highland Capital Managment Expands Philanthropic Activity

President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero, has recently taken steps to expand the company’s charitable giving and philanthropic activities. By teaming up with civic leader, Linda Owen, president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, the company will be receiving strategic direction while its charitable giving expands. In a previous Business Wire interview, Dondero cited Owen’s track record and experience in helping charitable contributions making the greatest possible impact.

Historically, Highland has contributed over $3 million annually through The Dallas Foundation. The support is focused on veterans’ causes, education, health care and the Dallas community. A number of Highland executives, including James Dondero have provided guidance in years past to many of the recipient organization through leadership roles, including board membership.

Linda Owen is a uniquely qualified individual to lead the charge for Highland’s philanthropic strategy. In her time as president and CEO of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation she has overseen many major development plans, including the development of Dallas’s Klyde Warren Park in 2012.

Highland Capital Management is a global alternative credit management company that has around $17 billion in assets under its management. Highland specializes in credit strategies but also offers alternative investments including emerging markets, long/short equities and natural resources.

James Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1993. Dondero has a long background in finance and has received both his CFA and CPA certifications. He is very involved in the community, serving on many local boards including Cornerstone Healthcare Group and NeighborCare, Inc.

Highland’s giving is housed through the Dallas Foundation, which houses more than 300 individual funds. The Dallas Foundation seeks to improve North Texas by bringing together generous donors and effective nonprofits to meet common goals.

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Keith Mann’s Scholarship Program for Needy Students

Keith Mann, who is the leader of the Dynamic Search Partners, recently publicized the opening of his scholarship program known as the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professionals. The award was founded with an objective of ensuring that all business frontrunners of the future generations are appreciated and have an opportunity to attend college. Mann and his wife intend to make the scholarship program a success by partnering with the Uncommon Schools, which are located in New York. The bursary will be awarded to one graduate from the Uncommon Schools. Uncommon Schools is one of the top founders of chartered public schools, which are highly rated and it aims at ensuring that all need student have an opportunity of attending higher learning institutions. 14,000 students from various parts of the country, which include Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York benefit from Uncommon Schools through its forty-four charter public schools.

All students who wish to take advantage of the scholarship are needed to apply by writing a two thousand words essay explaining how attending and graduating from college will help them in attaining their career goals. Students from humble backgrounds will now have a chance to attend college and acquire a degree through the bursaries that will be awarded. Application for the scholarship is set to start on 28th February 2016 and five thousand dollars will be granted to the winner.

Keith Mann is a renowned philanthropist, who offers significant support to the education sector. In the past fifteen years, he has been an active participant in executive searches and is dedicated to recognizing business frontrunners of the future generation. Keith offers help to talented innovators by helping them to join reputable companies that can nature their career. He is well informed on hedge fund payments and staffing strategies. Keith discovered unexploited opportunities in the hedge fund industry, and in 2002 he started the Alternative Investment Practice.

Mr. Mann has been investing in private equity since 2006, and he opened the Dynamic Search Partners (DSP) in 2009. The DSP is currently a leader in executive searches and has channeled it focus to investment enterprises. Keith serves as a CEO of the Dynamic Search Partners, and one of his significant accomplishments is filling about 200 customer mandates each year through affiliations with various organizations in Asia, Europe, and the U.S.

Eric Pulier’s Successful Career

Eric Pulier is not only a businessman, but also an innovator, author, as well as philanthropist who has dedicated his entire life to giving back to other people around the world through the use of technology. Eric Pulier has always had a passion for technology even from an early age. At the early age of eight, Mr. Pulier even remembers building his own computer. This passion continued on even into high school when Eric Pulier started his own data base that was used as a company. This innovation and passion is exactly what earned him a spot at the prestigious, Harvard University. Eventually, Mr. Pulier was able to graduate from Harvard University with honors and with a degree in both English and American literature. Three years after graduation, Eric Pulier eventually moved to Los Angeles in order to pursue his career as a businessman and as an innovator.

The first company that Pulier founded was a company called People Doing Things. This company was founded in 1991 and was founded for the purpose of offering the public free information about relevant topics such as healthcare through the use of technology. This innovation did not stop and continued on to spur the creation of over 15 successful businesses which were all centered around helping others with the innovation of technology. As an innovator, Eric Pulier was even chosen by Bill Clinton to create and execute an exhibition that took place at the turn of the 21st century. This exhibition was created in order to showcase the world’s plans for technology.

Of all the accomplishments that Eric Pulier has been proud of, Pulier is especially proud of his accomplishment with philanthropy. One of the biggest portions of his donations goes to children who have been diagnosed with chronic illnesses. Pulier has given away money to help send these children to camp and has invented new technology to be given to the children. One of his innovations helped children with chronic illnesses communicate to each other with the use of a social media platform that he built with the hospitalized children in mind.

A Reflection of Hard Work and Commitment

Diversant LLC is one of the firms that have had dramatic change in terms of its growth and this provides a clear view of proper operations in the administering of IT services and diverse solutions to clients. This firm is acknowledged as being the largest Africa-American owned firm with IT staffing and impressive solutions basing on needs of clients. Despite several economic downturns, this company has been able to overcome them and this has guarded its reputation among numerous companies. The team working for Diversant LLC is trained to serve clients accordingly basing on their needs. Success has been the driving force for this firm

What We Do

The consultative approach has enabled us achieve success. We aim at treating both our consultants and clients as partners and by this way we are in a position to understand different needs and challenges brought forth to us. It is this that enables us come up with strategic solutions that perfectly solve challenges that our clients face. We provide unique initiatives that are designed to easily promote diversity in workplaces as well as the supply chain. If you are interested in becoming a client account manager or an IT recruiter, this is the firm to associate yourself with. You will be offered superior training, mentorship and an opportunity to build your network basing on your professional needs.

About John Goullet

This is one man that cannot be left out in a discussion when speaking about the success of Diversant LLC. Currently, John Goullet is serving as the principal of this amazing firm. In 1994, john established info technologies where he was the chief executive officer. Before resolving to start his own company on IT staffing, Goullet worked as an IT staffing executive as well as a computer consultant. Info Technologies was founded with an aim to understand the corporate climate as well as give quality solutions for clients basing n their IT needs.

Through his passion in IT, John has managed to develop new ways to help solve challenges that are arising from the evolving IT marketplace thus playing a very vital role.

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