Wessex Institute of Technology

Wessex Institute of Technology is a higher education center that offers degrees and is suited in Ashurst Lodge of the New Forest National Park in England ranked 7185 worldwide according to webometrics.info. The institute’s mission is to transfer international knowledge to student and education stakeholders. The core activities include Research, Conference, and Publishing. Founded by Professor Carlos Brebbia, the institute succeeded the Computational Mechanics Institute.
The location of the Institute
The Wessex Institute is suited at the Ashurst Lodge in the middle of New Forest. The Forest is a famous National Park located in the central southern England, 100km from London spanning over 400 square kilometers.
The Board of Directors
The board is chaired by Professor Carlos Brebbia and comprise of 14 other Professors from different Universities in the US and the UK as the board members.
The core activities
The Wessex Institute is centered on three core activities namely: Research, Publishing, and conference.
Research. The Wessex Institute of Technology has various research programmers that are continually funded by industry and research organizations. The organizations that collaborated with Wessex to conduct research include Universita di Siena of Italy. Universidad de Granada of Spain, the Universita di Pisa of Italy, University of Castilla-La Mancha, UNICAMP, Universita di Milano of Italy, University Politecnica de Valencia, Universidad de Alicante and the University of the West of England from the UK.
Wessex Institute of Technology has around 25 conferences yearly hosted in different locations in collaboration with other universities and organizations. The conference programs have continued to grow over the years since it is a medium through the Wessex Institute achieves its objective of international transfer of knowledge. Through the conference, the Institute is committed to creating a link between professional and academic entities and promote disciplinary research.
Wessex Institute of Technology Press is the publishing arm of the Institute. The Press publishes conference proceedings, journals, and specialized research monograph and academic works. The Conference Proceedings are published by one of the Transaction series and later stored online in the Wessex’s eLibrary which has over 30,000 available peer-reviewed papers peer reviewed papers.

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The Kabbalah Centre: For Life Enrichment and Following One’s Purpose

Kabbalah has it’s roots in the Jewish interpretation of the Bible. Kabbalah is a more mystical interpretation revealing to it’s students a deeper meaning of how life works within the universe. Kabbalah helps it’ students to understand a deeper meaning in their lives, helping people to achieve a deeper level of fulfillment in their lives through study and giving back.

Often times in life and even more so in this fast paced modern world the meaning and connection to spiritual energy can become lost, and in efforts to understand life on a deeper level it can become more confusing and eluding as the disconnect deepens. Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom helping people to connect and anchor themselves in a truth that they find abiding in their lives.

The Kabbalah Centre has many locations throughout the US and Europe, and here, at these central zones of study and enlightenment, students are encouraged to learn and progress through their path with teachers, a great sense of community and learning at every turn. Classes and seminars range from themes about discovering your deeper purpose, reaching your potential, the study of astrology and how this major force effects our lives, and deep Kabbalah study with revered teachers.

The Kabbalah Centre makes it possible for any student interested in learning Kabbalah to have that opportunity. There are a wide variety of students studying at the Kabbalah Centre with different religious and ethnic backgrounds. A knowledge or understanding of Hebrew texts is not a requirement for students to undertake this path of knowledge and understanding, opening up this opportunity to anyone who wishes to study Kabbalah. Anyone with a desire to learn and enrich their lives with Kabbalah are welcome at the Kabbalah Centre, to start their life changing journey of deepened spiritual understanding and purpose in their lives.

Kabbalah Can Be Very Helpful

People today seek meaning in their lives. They need to find an outlet to help them feel a sense of meaning that makes life worthy and important. One important outlet has been that of religion. Religious belief systems have been a means of seeing the world and understanding it better. This is particularly true of Judaism. Judaism has been an integral part of the world for thousands of years. One part of Judaism that has received a great deal of attention in recent years is that that of Kabbalah. This ancient form of Judaic belief is one that can still teach people today about the world. Kabbalahists study these ancient texts in order to learn about what the sages knew so long ago and what people today can discover again for themselves.

The Kabbalah Center

At the Kabbalah Centre, this ancient wisdom is being passed along once again. Here in Los Angeles, people can study what the sages wrote back then and learn how such wisdom can be applicable to our lives today. The result is that many people today are able to come away from such study with a real understanding of what it means to see the world through different eyes. The scholars here do their best to provide insights of all kinds to their pupils. They offer them the chance to study with them as they continue to read such texts to fully understand what people back then knew.

Modern Words

In addition to providing impressive ancient wisdom through the use of such texts, those here at the Kabbalah Centre also provide a sense of modern guidance to all those who come to study with them directly. Through their use of texts, they have come to realize many important truths about the world today. They know that modern life today can be highly confusing and not always clear. This is why they continually engage in study of all kinds. In doing so, they are constantly struck by the ways that ancient texts can help people cope better with all aspects of often very confusing modern life today.

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