Betsy DeVos: A Man with a Soft Spot for Helping Other People

The reformer is another name for Betsy DeVos. Elizabeth Prince took a vacation at a young age while at the College of Calvin. She concentrated with politics at the campus and has since then been an active figure in the political arena. Mrs. DeVos has led many party organizations, campaigns and action committees with a political inclination in not less than 30 years. She was Michigan Republican Party chairperson for six years. This trend has been evident in her family setup as Dick DeVos was nominated as Michigan’s governor on a Republican ticket back in 2006.Maybe Mrs. DeVos has her reform rules aimed at being not- profitable. Being the chairperson of a Foundation by the family known as Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation ensures that charity project benefits are widely enjoyed. Some local and national boards enjoy her membership. She is always at the forefront of advocating for educational-choice movement. She also chairs Alliance for School Choice and American Federation for Children (AFC).

Mrs. DeVos explained that she was very optimistic that the government was taking its role in education. This was proved by many of the students being part of government funded programs that are publicly done. She is happy to see that the government movement is on the rise. The program has been extended to many states. She was greatly pleased by India’s take in passing a voucher state-wide program which has seen more than ten thousand children being enrolled in schools. Educational choice is gaining popularity as evident from a current poll conducted in five states. There have been key interests in educational choice especially after noting that public schools run traditionally failed. This has ensured that they take many considerations on the program for the benefit of those in need.

Mrs. DeVos and her husband had their interest in the movement when their kids were of age to join a school. They saw how parents could not afford to have their children school in better schools. Although she and her husband could afford to have their children school in any schools that they wished, they saw the kind of sacrifice other parents made to sustain their children at school. They were so touched, and this led to them offering support to various needy students, and the number kept on growing.Rick DeVos commitment was expressed when he ran in Michigan for State Board of Education and in 1990, he was elected. Mrs. DeVos, on the other hand, started a scholarship foundation program whose key motive was to ensure that kids from low income earning families were sustained in school. They worked to ensure that the scholarships benefited those that deserved them and brought a change to their lives.