Bruno Fagali: Leaving An Impact On The Lives Of Brazilians

Bruno Fagali is one of the brightest lawyers in Brazil today. He is known to stand by his causes and advocacies, including the fight against corruption and the quick delivery of justice for the people. Bruno Fagali is also known for working with private businesses and corporations, assisting them with their legal issues. His legal services are known all throughout the Brazilian corporate world, and he has been receiving a lot of clients because of his skills and expertise in understanding the law of Brazil. Aside from his stint as a corporate lawyer, he is also managing his law firm, called the Fagali Lawyers.

Graduating in 2009 and receiving his bachelor’s degree in Administrative Law, Bruno Fagali thought of several ways on how he can practice his profession. He decided to establish the Fagali Lawyers, where he currently serves as the firm’s corporate integrity manager and doing part-time services as a lawyer. He continued his studies at the USP where he eventually received his master’s degree. Bruno Fagali specializes in anti-corruption law and electoral law, but he focused on making a living by assisting businesses and companies with their issues and concerns about administrative contracts, federal civil actions, and regulatory law.

People who seek the legal services of Bruno Fagali head to the city of Sao Paolo, where he decided to build his office. His passion for helping the people with their legal concerns and his self-dedication to be one of the most successful lawyers in Brazil helped his career to thrive and flourish. Out of the hundreds of thousands of practicing lawyers in Brazil today, Bruno Fagali’s name is one of the most popular. People believe that the reason behind his success is his continuous strive to protect the people who do not have any idea how the legal procedures work.

Bruno Fagali is serving as one of the role models for the Brazilian youth. Many school children in Brazil wish to become lawyers, thanks to the influencers like Bruno Fagali. On the other hand, he keeps on pushing for his advocacies, which would bring a positive impact on the lives of the Brazilian people.

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