The Exquisite Experience at The Roberto Santiago Manaira’s Shopping Mall

An inquiry into the Brazilian world of entrepreneurship would disclose that Roberto Santiago is one of the most proficient and most renowned business moguls in the country. Mr. Roberto Santiago is famous for being the founder and owner of one of the most fascinating shopping destinations in the State of Paraiba, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall located in Joao Pessoa.


Born 58 years ago and raised in Joao Pessoa, Roberto Santiago went to the Pio X-Marxist College and later got enrolled in the University Centre of Joao Pessoa. It is during his time therein that he attained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He was first employed at a décor manufacturing company, Café Santa Rosa. He did not work there for a long time since he started and moved to his own company, the Cartonnage Company.


His company was essentially involved in the production of carton boxes made out of cardboards. Business got very efficient for Roberto Santiago as he had begun to make a myriad of decorative products in large scale, and his customer base also widened significantly. Subsequently, the profits that he had realized from this business enabled him to venture into the world of real estate.


As he manoeuvred and traversed the daunting field of real estate, he hatched a plan to establish something phenomenal, and in 1987, he bought a piece of land in which he established the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. He set up these premises within a period of two years after which it was launched in 1989.


One of the features that make the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall one of the most magnificent shopping destinations in Brazil is that it gives customers a wide variety to choose from. The incredible mall has close to 300 stores which include a series of business premises such as gaming lounges; financial institutions such as banks; a fancy gym; hotels and restaurants; a cinema; and a concert hall. This is perfectly orchestrated to give the customers a whole world of experience and excitement.


Roberto Santiago has been the slippery eel who has never been stopped by the coarse waves raging in the sea of entrepreneurship. Even when several economic institutions crumbled down during the 2015 economic crisis, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall remained steadfast and unmoved throughout the turbulence. His prolificacy as a businessman was further exhibited when he established another mall called the Mangeira in his home town of Joao Pessoa.


David McDonald’s Important Role in OSI Group

David McDonald is the president and chief operating officer of ISO Group. He was born and raised in Iowa. David holds a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Iowa State University, where he graduated in 1987. After his graduation, he began working with OSI Industries in Chicago.

Mr. McDonald served as the project manager of OSI industries. He also holds the position of the chairman of North America Meat Institute. David is a member of OSI Group’s board directors.

About OSI Group

OSI Group was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolchwosky and it was and still situated in Chicago, USA. The company has a humble beginning because at the time of its establishment, it started out as a small meat company, which was at the time called Otto and Sons. OSI Group have managed to have a record of impressive history for the last 100 years of existence.

OSI’s success under David McDonald

In 2008, when Beijing held the Olympic Games, OSI China effectively provided 113 tons of five sorts of items including meat, chicken, pork, and eggs. The organization got zero grievances, which was exceedingly valued by McDonald’s and the Beijing Olympic Committee. From that point forward, OSI China has been the provider for some leading brands including McDonald’s, Starbucks, Sai Papa John’s, Yum, and Burger King among others.

McDonald discloses that offering more to its clients is not constrained to generation limit. He notes that it incorporates item advancement too. OSI Group collaborates with its customers on the items they need to work on then they work together with the providers to accomplish the desired result. McDonald says the procedure to give the customers precisely what they need has turned out to be considerably more essential.

McDonald is dynamic in the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative, which he says is inspired by using assets to affect Iowa State. David organized a visit to OSI offices in China in 2011 for a gathering of students, one of whom is presently working with the organization. Also, OSI has set up opportunities for interns, setting the phase for some future entry level position openings.

McDonald supports his fraternity Alpha Gamma Rho by providing scholarship funding. When a fundraising campaign was to be launched in Iowa State AGR house, McDonald was on the leading front to support the initiative. Besides, he played a crucial role in the naming of the Marvin Walter-AGR Fraternity Arena.

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Davos REG launches the Davos Cap Calculator

For a period of six months, Gerald Gonzalez, the Executive Director of Davos Real Estate Group (Davos REG), has been working on a mobile application that aims to ease the life of its real estate agents and clients. The application was launched on June 22, and received good response from the concerned parties. Read more:

Davos REG is an independent company under the Davos Financial Group. The group has influences in Venezuela and Latin America. Being in business for more than two decades, the group aims at coming up with investment strategies as par what its client need. It does this by combining the premium products it has while putting into consideration the complex regulations that are in place. For this to be possible, Davos Group has a competent, highly qualified and experienced team to offer the services.

During the launch, Gerald made it clear that apart from the mobile application, the company has also been focusing on building connections with other international real estate agents. This is in a bid to expand the borders to Europe, with the main target being Spain. The mobile application, known as Davos Cap Calculator, allows the clients to determine an average price of rent that will help them attain their projected income. Another amazing feature that has been incorporated into the application is the mortgage calculator. This feature lets clients meet bank projections by estimating the mortgage. It also factors in the funding period and the interest rates that come with it. The application has been made compatible with smartphone devices that have the android or iOS platform.

Gonzalez goes on to state that the company has other multiple projects that are focused on improving the customer service it provides. For instance, the number of agents in the company has been increased by over 60%. This has led to an increase in sales over the first six months of 2016. The sales increased by over 75%.


About David Osio

The CEO and founder of Davos Financial group play an instrumental role in Latin America’s financial sector. His company houses several independent companies in different sectors in the area. He founded it in 1993 after working for several organizations in top positions. The highly educated CEO boasts a rich portfolio and offers a professional approach in the day to day running of his company. He has driven Davos Financial group to become a financial giant that offers special services using its numerous independent entities.

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Chris Burch: What Makes Technology Fashionable

Chris Burch is one of the world’s most experienced fashion technologists. He is the current Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Burch Creative Capital. His investment philosophy in the company has all it takes to express his vision and entrepreneurial values for new opportunities in new markets. He has applied the art of imagination to develop market niches that would otherwise never exist. According to his incubation and creativity, he has led many companies from startups to world-class corporations and business giants in the United States. He has a lasting and positive impact on the lives of his consumers.

For more than 4o years, Chris has developed numerous companies. He has produced many designs in fashion and technology. In the recent past, he has immersed his thinking towards capital investment opportunities in the country. He has also participated in the rise of more than 60 companies in the country. He has also combined consumer behavior and his understanding of this niche as a way to develop his experience. Chris Burch’s track record of success shows his capabilities as an investor and entrepreneur.

Burch Creative Capital has a working portfolio of solutions and services and has recently been introduced to other brands like Poppin, Nihiwatu, Cocoon9, Ellen DeGenneres, and TRADEMARK as one of the most established startup brands. Chris has an involvement with companies like Jawbone, Voss Water, and Faenza Hotel.

The young company has a diverse portfolio of services and solutions to the community it has developed brands and products to consumers which range from Apparel, retail, hospitality, home furnishing, technology industry, organic foods. It also has a presence in brands including Chubbies, Brad’s Raw Foods, Little Duck Organics, Bubble Bar, and Soludos.

According to Chris Burch, technology has a great relationship with fashion. Moreover, technology and fashion are entities that grow in a relative manner. For him, technology makes fashion grow. When technology grows, fashion makes it appear appealing to society. A fascinating part of the story is how the two entities of development grow together in an intertwined manner.

The 70s brought about the use of the boom box that allowed its users to carry favorite stations and tunes wherever they went. As a matter of fact, this technology was extended when the Walkman was introduced in the 80s. Its use was extended deep into the 90s. However, technology was made fashionable when the iPod was brought into the market.

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