How Naomi Campbell Remains Relevant

I don’t know why some models fade to black after they have been on the top, but I do know how models like Naomi Campbell stay in the spotlight. I think that they make a choice to keep working and doing the things that will help them get the attention of new fans.

Naomi Campbell has been modeling since she was a teenager. It goes without saying that many younger people that see her on the TV show “Empire” are not in the least bit familiar with her early modeling career. Many of the millennials of this day may not even know that she was a runway model. That is okay though because she has reinvented herself over and over again. Naomi has been on reality TV shows, and she has even starred in movies. Some people may just recognize her as an actress, but she is so much more.

Her modeling days are not behind her. There is a lot of talk about how she has managed to land the cover of magazines even though there are lots of other younger models out there. It is crazy to think it at times, but Naomi Campbell is still competing with the young models. I attribute this competitive spirit to her early modeling career. She always had a fierce catwalk, and she has continued to give people something to talk about throughout her career. There is a cultural obsession with her because she has been in the spotlight for so long. The fact that she is from the United Kingdom gives her an audience in the U.S. and the U.K., and that is rare.

I think that a lot of people will also be interested in seeing what she is going to do next; she is always so full of surprises. Her modeling career has taken off over the years, but she has been willing to branch out and do other things. This is what has made her remain relevant. She also takes the time to stay connected through social media, and this is a big deal for her fan base.