Helping Mitigate Against One Bad Day

Everyone deserves a second chance. No one should be punished severely for having one single, solitary bad day. In most instances, people would agree with these assessments. Many will also agree people do frequently suffer immensely from one bad day gone awry. In the present-day media and internet landscape, one bad day does end when the clock hits the 24 hour mark. The internet keeps things alive seemingly forever.


University of Missouri assistant professor Melissa Click learned this the proverbial hard way. Click was involved in an incident with student journalists during a campus protest. A video of the incident presented Click in an unflattering manner. The video ended up on the news and Click was eventually fired from her job as a result. Currently, Click is involved with civil litigation over the firing.


Again, all of this is the result of one bad day that just won’t go away.


The president of Status Labs, Darius Fisher, discussed the reasons why bad news doesn’t fade at the Impact 15 marketing expo. Fisher revealed that Google and the other search engines end up indexing content related to the incident. Blogs, video sites, forums, and social media mentions end up listed in those results. Only effective work from a reputation management firm such as Status Labs is capable of mitigating the problem.


Clients from roughly 35 countries have sought assistance from Status Labs. These clients include celebrities, corporate executives, and small business owners among numerous others.


The hope that embarrassing or severely negative information will be forgotten is not likely. Again, one bad day may end but the reports associated with it now are published in a public online resource: Google. Actually, the info is in all the search engines including the minor ones.
Going to work on correcting a message and dropping an incident associated with one bad day down a memory hole is strongly advisable.

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