Andrew Rolfe Helps Ubuntu Kids

The tenth Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner, which was held last May was geared to raise $972, 960, which would finance the school owned by the Ubuntu group. The Ubuntu School Campus, which is at Port Elizabeth in South Africa helps the needy kids in the society to attain their educational needs. Other than that, the management discovered that educational needs were not enough for the children for some came to school sick or hungry and could hardly concentrate. To improve the situation, the Ubuntu Fund Management decided to cater for all needs that concerned these kids so that they could be more comfortable in class. Consequently, the fund caters for the kids’ health, families, food, and all else that matters to them until the time they start their careers.

The tenth Gala was meant to raise money that would be used to finance the Ubuntu School’s Pediatric Clinic. The amount which was targeted was raised and surpassed to the gratitude of the organizers. During the function, Andrew Rolfe, the chairman of the Ubuntu fund, treated 300 guests to sumptuous meals and traditional music. He also organized for the guests to hear some testimonials from the students, who had benefited from the fund. Sinephosa, who spoke immediately after the dinner, narrated how she had despaired in life due to the poverty in her family, drunkenness of the father, and constant fights between the parents. Sinephosa’s father spent his meager salary on beer and he failed to support the family. Additionally, he was abusive to his wife, a factor that largely distressed his children. Sinephosa’s main worry was that she would not make it to school for lack of fees. However, Ubuntu Fund changed her life by educating her to the present day when she is about to join law school. She has also convinced the mother to leave the father for the sake of the family’s peace.

Andrew Rolfe

As earlier mentioned, Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of the Ubuntu fund, which is non-profit NGO meant to help poor kids. Andrew is also the managing director in Tower Brook Company. Previously, Andrew Rolfe was also the president of Gap Inc. and CEO at the Booker Food Service.