OSI Group’s Massive Growth under David McDonald’s Leadership

David McDonald is the president of OSI group, and he sits on the board of directors. He acquired an Animal Science degree from Iowa State University. David worked as a project manager of OSI industries and is the chairman of North American Meat Institute. In 2008, David was a director at South Africa’s Marfrig Global foods. OSI Group is an international industry leader in food processing. It operates in 17 different countries with 65 facilities. OSI Group was ranked number 58 on the Forbes list in the category of largest private companies. OSI Group comprises of OSI International Foods and OSI industries. It conducts business in many states including West Chicago, Illinois, Oakland, Chicago, Geneva, Iowa, Utah, West Jordan, Riverside, California, Fort Atkinson, and Wisconsin. OSI produces bacon, fish, vegetables, poultry, dough products, pork, pizza, and hot dogs. The company supplies food to fast food chains like Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Subway, and Papa John’s Pizza.

China has enjoyed OSI’s operations in the country for the past two decades. There are many factories in the country making OSI the largest poultry producer in China. David McDonald’s interest in China stemmed from the fact that the country is the most significant growing consumer market and has a large population. David McDonald has overseen the expansion of OSI into various countries. He believes in product development and production capacity to offer more to customers. David McDonald insists on the partnering process used to give consumers what they want especially now that consumers are more demanding and choose. David pushes for consistent engagement with equipment manufacturers to develop food safety and quality. Some of the machines used by OSI group contain Xray components used to detect foreign particles.

In 2016 Baho food, which is OSI Group acquired a Dutch Manufacturer of convenience foods. According to David McDonald, the products and services offered by Baho foods have made it a welcome addition to the OSI group family. It strengthens processing and increases the capability of OSI group. Baho consists of five subsidiaries, which are Bakx foods, Q smart Life, Vital Convenience, Gelderland Frischwaren and Henri van de Bilt. It has processing plants in Netherlands and Germany and serves 18 countries in Europe. Both David and John Blavers who is the managing director of Baho were excited about the partnership. It boosted the growth of both companies and their ability to provide affordable, tasty but healthy food which, is currently highly demanded by customers.

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Jason Hope Hoping for IoT Bright Future

According to Jason Hope, everyone is connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) which connects a network of smart gadgets intersecting many areas of business and life. Internet of Things is a connected technology which permits some devices to sync with each other like electronic devices, kitchen appliances, street lights, and cars among others. Using sensors, IoT devices monitor and adjust lighting and room temperature.

In his recent article, Jason explains IoT growth for the future. Many industries are considering the trend as it transforms their business from creating innovative possibilities to providing security. IoT trend is used by almost every person daily without knowing it. You start your day with a workout with a fitness tracker on your wrist, and then in the house, you grab a cup of coffee from fresh from the coffee maker.

On your way to work, your car alerts you it needs maintenance, therefore, you connect the Bluetooth device to make an appointment call to your mechanic. Moreover, arriving at work, you send a message to the smart thermostat to turn off the air conditioning. Opening your health app, checking data from your morning run against calorie tracker then you decide to order a light salad for lunch. Therefore you keep tracking the food order from the local restaurant. The rest of the day you use the installed apps by company to work.

At the end of a busy day, arriving home and you are received with the right temperature. You then ask your assistant to order pizza while you sit in front of the TV or a movie which got online accessed through a streaming media player. This day is a whole typical day spent relying on the Internet of Things trend. Jason Hope believes in IoT and hopes or many new possibilities to arise in future.

Jason stated that IoT would change as the need of valuable apps rises, businesses undertake wider adoption of technology, new innovative devices are introduced and if the market competition for app use gets stiffer than before. According to Mr. Hope, entrepreneurs are the forces behind the growth of technology as currently most IoT innovations were driven by them.

The critical area where Jason and other entrepreneurs are concerned about is data security. The amount of data being sent and received through devices has increased tremendously than before, and hackers are creating new ideas on how to access information across the smart networks. To overcome this situation, Jason advises IoT users to be more careful about implementing smart devices in their businesses and homes.

Jason Hope, an Arizona entrepreneur, graduated from Arizona State University with Finance degree. He then received an MBA from ASU’s W’P, Carey School of Business. Through his portfolio, Jason provides marketing services for companies. Moreover, he is a philanthropist and has donated to many organizations.

Betsy DeVos: A Man with a Soft Spot for Helping Other People

The reformer is another name for Betsy DeVos. Elizabeth Prince took a vacation at a young age while at the College of Calvin. She concentrated with politics at the campus and has since then been an active figure in the political arena. Mrs. DeVos has led many party organizations, campaigns and action committees with a political inclination in not less than 30 years. She was Michigan Republican Party chairperson for six years. This trend has been evident in her family setup as Dick DeVos was nominated as Michigan’s governor on a Republican ticket back in 2006.Maybe Mrs. DeVos has her reform rules aimed at being not- profitable. Being the chairperson of a Foundation by the family known as Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation ensures that charity project benefits are widely enjoyed. Some local and national boards enjoy her membership. She is always at the forefront of advocating for educational-choice movement. She also chairs Alliance for School Choice and American Federation for Children (AFC).

Mrs. DeVos explained that she was very optimistic that the government was taking its role in education. This was proved by many of the students being part of government funded programs that are publicly done. She is happy to see that the government movement is on the rise. The program has been extended to many states. She was greatly pleased by India’s take in passing a voucher state-wide program which has seen more than ten thousand children being enrolled in schools. Educational choice is gaining popularity as evident from a current poll conducted in five states. There have been key interests in educational choice especially after noting that public schools run traditionally failed. This has ensured that they take many considerations on the program for the benefit of those in need.

Mrs. DeVos and her husband had their interest in the movement when their kids were of age to join a school. They saw how parents could not afford to have their children school in better schools. Although she and her husband could afford to have their children school in any schools that they wished, they saw the kind of sacrifice other parents made to sustain their children at school. They were so touched, and this led to them offering support to various needy students, and the number kept on growing.Rick DeVos commitment was expressed when he ran in Michigan for State Board of Education and in 1990, he was elected. Mrs. DeVos, on the other hand, started a scholarship foundation program whose key motive was to ensure that kids from low income earning families were sustained in school. They worked to ensure that the scholarships benefited those that deserved them and brought a change to their lives.

Marc Sparks Renovates Office to Optimize Innovative Collaboration

After more than ten years at its initial location, Marc Sparks of Timber Creek Capital, LP has relocated his offices to a setting that is more optimized for collaboration and highly favorable to startup incubation. Marc is a serial entrepreneur who owns a private equity firm. He is well-known for helping entrepreneurs develop their new business into income creating companies. A procedure of establishing a business starts with a business model and obtaining the required resources to guarantee success.


Marc implements the design used his Timber Creek capital to host various companies in his facility and provide a wide-ranging incubation period. As a successive capitalist and a student of what is taken to be successful in the business world, Marc has realized that quality, conducive and collaborative working environment are the key ingredients for the success of any business. Learn more: http://sparktankdfw.com/


By establishing multiple successful businesses, Marc sparks now understand that there exists a unique flow with an office that its role is to maximize collaboration and output. He shares his experience in his book. They Can’t Eat You. In his book, Marc outlines both successes and fails at equal measures. He also talks about his journey to learning and knowing what entrepreneurship entails. As a result, Marc opted to establish Timber Creek Capital, a company that embodies his three decades of entrepreneurial experience in tackling the several phases of launching and running a sustainable business. Sparks supports small business by offering them mentorship and access to resources such as office space, capital marketing, and banking. Entrepreneurs are provided with everything they need once they are incorporated into Timber Creek’s system. Learn more: https://classroomvoices.org/marc-sparks-risk-taker-in-and-out-of-business/


Marc points out that his many years of experience has helped him to understand all the challenges and devastation circumstances associated with entrepreneurship. He adds that his key mission is to assist entrepreneurs to build their aspirations and companies to critical mass via his experience. According to Marc, faith, passion, savvy monetization, focus and extreme sense of urgency are some of the qualities that play a great role in the success of any business.


About Marc Sparks


Marc Spark is a serial entrepreneur, author, philanthropist hailing from Texas Dallas, who is continually transforming ideas into business. He is the founder and the president of Timber Creek, LP. In his book, “They Can’t Eat you,” Marc talks about his tremulous journey as an entrepreneur to assist others to find their path to success. Marc’s philanthropic works include donating to Habitat for Humanity that constructs cheap housing for families. Through his non-profit, Sparky’s kids, he gives one thousand laptops to at-risk children with American Can! Academy. Sparks has currently been donating to Samaritan Inn, a homeless home in Texas that hosts 160 people day and night. Learn more: http://thebrotalk.com/bro-recommendations/dallas-entrepreneur-marc-sparks-spills-must-visit-list-wineries-dfw/


Chris Burch: What Makes Technology Fashionable

Chris Burch is one of the world’s most experienced fashion technologists. He is the current Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Burch Creative Capital. His investment philosophy in the company has all it takes to express his vision and entrepreneurial values for new opportunities in new markets. He has applied the art of imagination to develop market niches that would otherwise never exist. According to his incubation and creativity, he has led many companies from startups to world-class corporations and business giants in the United States. He has a lasting and positive impact on the lives of his consumers.

For more than 4o years, Chris has developed numerous companies. He has produced many designs in fashion and technology. In the recent past, he has immersed his thinking towards capital investment opportunities in the country. He has also participated in the rise of more than 60 companies in the country. He has also combined consumer behavior and his understanding of this niche as a way to develop his experience. Chris Burch’s track record of success shows his capabilities as an investor and entrepreneur.

Burch Creative Capital has a working portfolio of solutions and services and has recently been introduced to other brands like Poppin, Nihiwatu, Cocoon9, Ellen DeGenneres, and TRADEMARK as one of the most established startup brands. Chris has an involvement with companies like Jawbone, Voss Water, and Faenza Hotel.

The young company has a diverse portfolio of services and solutions to the community it has developed brands and products to consumers which range from Apparel, retail, hospitality, home furnishing, technology industry, organic foods. It also has a presence in brands including Chubbies, Brad’s Raw Foods, Little Duck Organics, Bubble Bar, and Soludos.

According to Chris Burch, technology has a great relationship with fashion. Moreover, technology and fashion are entities that grow in a relative manner. For him, technology makes fashion grow. When technology grows, fashion makes it appear appealing to society. A fascinating part of the story is how the two entities of development grow together in an intertwined manner.

The 70s brought about the use of the boom box that allowed its users to carry favorite stations and tunes wherever they went. As a matter of fact, this technology was extended when the Walkman was introduced in the 80s. Its use was extended deep into the 90s. However, technology was made fashionable when the iPod was brought into the market.

More for Chris Burch: http://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/christopher-maya-j-christopher-burch-hamptons-house-article