Securus Technologies- The key to Safety in Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based acclaimed prison technology company initiated in 1986. We own several sub-offices throughout the Texas region inclusive of a single Atlanta based office in Georgia. We hire many workers to fit our huge client base best. Our staff consists of approximately a thousand people, and we have contract deals with several detention centers all across the entire US region.


We foster an excellent level of dedication when it comes to rendering our services. Securus Technologies’ focal point is to deliver nothing other than vanguard public along with criminal justice tech solutions with the aim of revamping the American society, while efficiently running the incarceration process. Securus Technologies is the pioneer of offering creative and unreservedly tech solutions as well as an acquiescent customer service. Our emphasis is on the special requirements of the corrections and law enforcement society, inventing the best software solutions coupled with the best quality service contributions which are pocket-friendly to our clients in addition to rendering first-class customer service experience.


Securus Technologies often receives several feedback messages through emails and letters from most of our clients about our great establishment and the help that we offer. Some of our clients commend us for having investigative tools that have made it possible for staff members to conduct investigations where aggravation is involved or prospective threatening situation within the facility. We also enable tracking of phone call conversations which aided in the unmasking of several inmates who indulge in alcohol and drug use inside the facility. We pride ourselves on transforming the level of safety in penitentiary facilities, and we consider our organization lucky to be able to safeguard and be of service to our clients.