In Hamilton Ontario, lies one of the world’s leading railroad freight cars manufacturing company which has been in existence for over a century. National Steel Car was founded in 1912 and has since grown to be a reputable organization committed to manufacturing quality freight cars. Their cars are known to meet the changing needs of the customers in this revolutionary era.

The company has seen indisputable growth under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz. James Aziz has been the Chairman, President as well as the Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Company since 1994 when he purchased the company from Dofasco. His main aim of purchasing the company was to transform it into a leading railroad freight car manufacturer not just in Canada but in the whole of North America.

After purchasing the company, Greg Aziz put a lot emphasis on the company’s strong engineering capacity, invested more on team building, human labor and capital which led to a great turnover. In a span of five years, the company had expanded its manufacturing capability from 3,500 cars to 12,000 cars annually. The employment also increased from 600 to around 3,000. The company now prides itself in being the only railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering company in North America that is ISO 9001:2008 certified for the last 18 years.

Under the leadership of Greg James Aziz, National Steel Car has also been honored with the TTX SECO highest quality award since 1996 consistently.

Before owning the company, Gregory J Aziz worked with his family food business that later became worldwide fresh foods imported from Europe, South and Central America. They distributed fresh foods to major wholesale markets across Eastern Canada and the United States. Greg Aziz also worked with several banks in New York until the early 1990s.

Greg James Aziz was born in 1949 in London Ontario and studied at Ridley College before joining the University of Western Ontario to pursue economics. Apart from being a leading business, his company continues to impact the lives of many. National Steel Company has sponsored various charities such as the United Way, the Salvation Army, and the Hamilton Opera.!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/16x9_620/rail-car-plant.jpg

Their current and ex-employees together with their families also attend the Steel Car Christmas party every year. Greg James Aziz together with his wife also sponsors the most prominent agricultural fair in Canada- Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

Cassio Audi Spices Business with Music

Cassio Audi is among the Brazilian financial officers whose intent is to improve Brazil’s economy. Cassio Audi is eminent in the economic field with more than twenty-three years of expertise. Mr. Audi takes part in the advisory committee of various enterprises such as private and public organizations, start-ups and equity funds. Cassio Audi has qualifications in growth strategy augmentation, business planning, management of resources and investor relations. Audi’s primary concern is in the intermarriage of music with business. Many individuals prefer using Cassio’s services due to the music enchantment that comes along with it. Additionally, Cassio Audi’s music is relevant to the people as the music addresses the key issues that his clients go through in their routine activities.

The music that Cassio produces demonstrates his creative and active mind. According to Audi, he intends to aid people to improve their lifestyles as well as promote his music profession. Cassio Audi postulates that the intermarriage of music with business is very significant as customers require solutions characterized by creativity. His creative solutions make Cassio resourceful in impacting his clients. Cassio Audi generates profits for his clients making them more interested and passionate in his music.

Cassio Audi produces new songs annually. This strategy retains Cassio’s significance in the music industry and popularity in Brazil. To maintain high sales of his albums, Cassio Audi creates songs that are relative to the nationals. Cassio Audi’s unique strategy in Brazil’s music industry has established an outstanding brand for Audi’s music profession. Besides music, Audi has also enhanced his business title thus spearheading him to the top of the business field. Brazilians recognize Audi’s intentions of helping others make more cash in each investment. Cassio’s recent popularity is the song where he features with viper working on the drums. Cassio Audi is the world’s icon on the incorporation of music and business.

Andrew Rolfe Helps Ubuntu Kids

The tenth Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner, which was held last May was geared to raise $972, 960, which would finance the school owned by the Ubuntu group. The Ubuntu School Campus, which is at Port Elizabeth in South Africa helps the needy kids in the society to attain their educational needs. Other than that, the management discovered that educational needs were not enough for the children for some came to school sick or hungry and could hardly concentrate. To improve the situation, the Ubuntu Fund Management decided to cater for all needs that concerned these kids so that they could be more comfortable in class. Consequently, the fund caters for the kids’ health, families, food, and all else that matters to them until the time they start their careers.

The tenth Gala was meant to raise money that would be used to finance the Ubuntu School’s Pediatric Clinic. The amount which was targeted was raised and surpassed to the gratitude of the organizers. During the function, Andrew Rolfe, the chairman of the Ubuntu fund, treated 300 guests to sumptuous meals and traditional music. He also organized for the guests to hear some testimonials from the students, who had benefited from the fund. Sinephosa, who spoke immediately after the dinner, narrated how she had despaired in life due to the poverty in her family, drunkenness of the father, and constant fights between the parents. Sinephosa’s father spent his meager salary on beer and he failed to support the family. Additionally, he was abusive to his wife, a factor that largely distressed his children. Sinephosa’s main worry was that she would not make it to school for lack of fees. However, Ubuntu Fund changed her life by educating her to the present day when she is about to join law school. She has also convinced the mother to leave the father for the sake of the family’s peace.

Andrew Rolfe

As earlier mentioned, Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of the Ubuntu fund, which is non-profit NGO meant to help poor kids. Andrew is also the managing director in Tower Brook Company. Previously, Andrew Rolfe was also the president of Gap Inc. and CEO at the Booker Food Service.


Betsy DeVos: A Man with a Soft Spot for Helping Other People

The reformer is another name for Betsy DeVos. Elizabeth Prince took a vacation at a young age while at the College of Calvin. She concentrated with politics at the campus and has since then been an active figure in the political arena. Mrs. DeVos has led many party organizations, campaigns and action committees with a political inclination in not less than 30 years. She was Michigan Republican Party chairperson for six years. This trend has been evident in her family setup as Dick DeVos was nominated as Michigan’s governor on a Republican ticket back in 2006.Maybe Mrs. DeVos has her reform rules aimed at being not- profitable. Being the chairperson of a Foundation by the family known as Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation ensures that charity project benefits are widely enjoyed. Some local and national boards enjoy her membership. She is always at the forefront of advocating for educational-choice movement. She also chairs Alliance for School Choice and American Federation for Children (AFC).

Mrs. DeVos explained that she was very optimistic that the government was taking its role in education. This was proved by many of the students being part of government funded programs that are publicly done. She is happy to see that the government movement is on the rise. The program has been extended to many states. She was greatly pleased by India’s take in passing a voucher state-wide program which has seen more than ten thousand children being enrolled in schools. Educational choice is gaining popularity as evident from a current poll conducted in five states. There have been key interests in educational choice especially after noting that public schools run traditionally failed. This has ensured that they take many considerations on the program for the benefit of those in need.

Mrs. DeVos and her husband had their interest in the movement when their kids were of age to join a school. They saw how parents could not afford to have their children school in better schools. Although she and her husband could afford to have their children school in any schools that they wished, they saw the kind of sacrifice other parents made to sustain their children at school. They were so touched, and this led to them offering support to various needy students, and the number kept on growing.Rick DeVos commitment was expressed when he ran in Michigan for State Board of Education and in 1990, he was elected. Mrs. DeVos, on the other hand, started a scholarship foundation program whose key motive was to ensure that kids from low income earning families were sustained in school. They worked to ensure that the scholarships benefited those that deserved them and brought a change to their lives.

Marc Sparks Renovates Office to Optimize Innovative Collaboration

After more than ten years at its initial location, Marc Sparks of Timber Creek Capital, LP has relocated his offices to a setting that is more optimized for collaboration and highly favorable to startup incubation. Marc is a serial entrepreneur who owns a private equity firm. He is well-known for helping entrepreneurs develop their new business into income creating companies. A procedure of establishing a business starts with a business model and obtaining the required resources to guarantee success.


Marc implements the design used his Timber Creek capital to host various companies in his facility and provide a wide-ranging incubation period. As a successive capitalist and a student of what is taken to be successful in the business world, Marc has realized that quality, conducive and collaborative working environment are the key ingredients for the success of any business. Learn more:


By establishing multiple successful businesses, Marc sparks now understand that there exists a unique flow with an office that its role is to maximize collaboration and output. He shares his experience in his book. They Can’t Eat You. In his book, Marc outlines both successes and fails at equal measures. He also talks about his journey to learning and knowing what entrepreneurship entails. As a result, Marc opted to establish Timber Creek Capital, a company that embodies his three decades of entrepreneurial experience in tackling the several phases of launching and running a sustainable business. Sparks supports small business by offering them mentorship and access to resources such as office space, capital marketing, and banking. Entrepreneurs are provided with everything they need once they are incorporated into Timber Creek’s system. Learn more:


Marc points out that his many years of experience has helped him to understand all the challenges and devastation circumstances associated with entrepreneurship. He adds that his key mission is to assist entrepreneurs to build their aspirations and companies to critical mass via his experience. According to Marc, faith, passion, savvy monetization, focus and extreme sense of urgency are some of the qualities that play a great role in the success of any business.


About Marc Sparks


Marc Spark is a serial entrepreneur, author, philanthropist hailing from Texas Dallas, who is continually transforming ideas into business. He is the founder and the president of Timber Creek, LP. In his book, “They Can’t Eat you,” Marc talks about his tremulous journey as an entrepreneur to assist others to find their path to success. Marc’s philanthropic works include donating to Habitat for Humanity that constructs cheap housing for families. Through his non-profit, Sparky’s kids, he gives one thousand laptops to at-risk children with American Can! Academy. Sparks has currently been donating to Samaritan Inn, a homeless home in Texas that hosts 160 people day and night. Learn more:


Sheldon Lavin has Vast Experience in the Financial and Meat Industries

Sheldon Lavin has achieved much success in the food industry. He is the CEO and chairperson of OSI Group, a global and food processing company headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. He is also president of OSI International Foods Ltd. Sheldon’s unmatched management skills are demonstrated in the success of the company, which he grew from being a local hamburger supplier to a global brand. The company’s outstanding performance has seen it receive different awards, including the 2016 Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy. In addition, RSM US LLP honored the visionary leader with the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award. OSI Group has also received numerous sustainability and environmental awards.

Despite of his overwhelming success in the food industry, Sheldon Lavin started his career in the financial sector. His involvement in food production started in 1970 when he arranged funding for Otto & Sons, the predecessor of OSI Group. During that period, the entity supplied hamburgers to McDonald’s Corporation in the Midwest. Five years later, he became a business partner with the two sons after the retirement of their father. Sheldon took a full time career in the meat processing industry and assumed full control of the company when the two sons retired. He has overseen OSI Group’s expansion to South America, Taiwan, Philippines, India, Japan, South Africa, China, Australia, Brazil and Europe. Learn more about him:

Today, OSI Group has three wholly owned subsidiaries. They are OSI Industries LLC, OSI International Foods and OSI International, Inc. These companies have employed over 20,000 workers. Owing to the company’s family-oriented culture, they have had a low staff turnover. Presently, OSI Group operates over 50 facilities in 17 countries where they serve retail and foodservice brands. In addition, Sheldon Lavin engages in charitable initiatives. Over the years, Sheldon has been supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities where he is also a trustee. The other non-profit organizations that Sheldon Lavin supports include The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Evans Scholarship Fund, Inner City Foundation of Chicago and Boys and Girls Club of Chicago. Lavin serves as the president of the Sheba Foundation.

Fabletics Succeeds While Others Fail

Hollywood actress Kate Hudson is very famous for her movie career, but now she is becoming equally famous for her business career. In 2013, she and a team of fashion business leaders created Fabletics. Hudson and her partners felt that at that time there was not a reasonably priced and stylish athletic leisure brand on the market for women. They came to the realization that there was only overpriced and boring athletic clothing available both online and at brick and mortar stores. In just over three-and-a-half years the small startup company has grown into a $250 million business. Pretty good for an actress without a business background.


How has Fabletics achieved so much success in such a short period? They have focused on what they call a reverse showroom business model. While most traditional clothing retail companies are losing customers to online retailers like Amazon because of what is known as “showrooming,” Fabletics continues to grow its customer base. Showrooming is when people use brick and mortar stores to try on clothes to decide what they want and go online to purchase the items at a lower cost. Reverse showrooming is exactly the opposite. It is where people find the clothes they want to try online and go to the physical store to make sure they like their choice, and they can ultimately make their purchase at the showroom or on Fabletics website.


The blending of online shopping and traditional retail is one of the keys to Fabletics rapid success. They have understood that online information can be used to improve the selection at their physical stores. They use the data collected online to tweak and refine fashion trends, color preferences and local buying habits. They stock their stores based on the data gathered in each region of the country and can customize each location to the specific demographics of each of their showrooms.


Fabletics online lifestyle quiz is one innovative way they gather information on what their customers are wanting, and this is how they can stay ahead of changing fashion trends. The lifestyle quiz asks people to let Fabletics know things like what is their favorite fitness activity, where do they like to exercise and what types of colors match their style. This information is one thing they use to better each customer’s shopping experience, and they encourage everyone to take the quiz.

How Should Texas Bankers Handle OPEC’s Decline?

Times change and the influence of organizations, like OPEC may be waning. Since the 1970s oil embargoes rocked the world, OPEC has steadily seen its influence decline. Was the decline of OPEC discussed at the Texas Bankers Association Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference in November 2016?

OPEC Can’t Agree

OPEC is a consortium of Oil Producing Exporting Countries, which basically means nations with surplus production not needed for their domestic industry. It used to be that when OPEC spoke, the world listened. But some are predicting the End of Big Oil. Is this true?

For years, OPEC has struggled to maintain a consistent policy. Since the continual wars after 2002, the energy consortium has been dominated by internal struggles, chaos and loss of influence. The truth is that the United States and Russia (non-OPEC members) are actually two very influential energy producers.

The weakness of OPEC has led to a lower West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil price. On the other hand, it has also led to increased American influence in the industry. How can Texas bankers profit from the demise of OPEC?

Texas Energy Prestige

As the energy industry changes, local Texas towns will be impacted. The proactive strategy of NexBank CEO John Holt, who spoke on the aforementioned conference panel, “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation,” offers an answer. Texas bankers can continue to offer innovative financial products to anticipate energy sector changes.

Perhaps, this might include focusing more attention on low income housing. NexBank can provide the loans to the builders and home owners. This allows them to continue to have a healthy housing sector, even with energy industry changes. NexBank can also help Texas energy firms gain more traction, prestige and influence. As OPEC declines, Texas Big Oil should be able to fill the vacuum.


Paul Mampilly Switching Attention To The Ordinary Investors

Paul Mampilly decided to leave Wall Street and New York and help ordinary investors make profits after the significant financial losses they suffered in 2008. His firm principle would not allow him to sit and watch as hedge fund managers collect fees as usual while the investors are losing. He decided to start his company, the Capuchin Consulting in North Carolina, where he could give his expertise on the best stock to invest in.

When the crisis happened, he was managing a private account that achieved a record return and was awarded the coveted competition that is sponsored by John Templeton Foundation. At the time where everyone was scared of making an investment, Paul Mampilly took the risk and had a seventy-six percent gain, which was very impressive. According to Paul, it is all about buying the stock at the right time.

Reaching investors
Other than through his company, Mr. Mampilly, gives investment advice through an investment advisory newsletter that is updated weekly and has sixty thousand subscribers. With just his advice, the subscribers with their brokerages can make wise stock decisions. Paul Mampilly is also the Investment Director and Editor at FDA Trader and with his extensive experience gives ideas for Agora Financials that are creating returns. By keeping tracks and recommending stocks, Paul helps ordinary individuals make huge profits.

About Paul Mampilly
Paul Mampilly has over twenty years of experience in the investment field. He has made himself and others worthwhile investments throughout his career. Apart from founding his firm, Mr. Mampilly has worked as the Author of several publications including Stansberry Research and Common Sense Publishing. At the early stages of his career, he worked at Bankers Trust Company as the Portfolio Manager and Deutsche Asset Management as a Research Analyst.

Personal investments
Paul Mampilly has also made personal investments that cannot go unnoticed. He invested in Sarepta Therapeutics in 2012 and eight months later sold with a gain of 2539%. In 2008, when Netflix was not so popular, he saw the potential the network has and made his investment. He later sold in 2010 making a 634% gain. Paul also invested in Ariad Pharmaceutical, Facebook, among other corporations and made a cumulative gain of 6220%.

Using Basic Science to Beat Cancer in Its Own Game: The Story of Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a brilliant professor of oncology who has dedicated his life to pursuing the cure for cancer. He has applied his expertise in basic science to come up with different ways to attack cancer by exploiting drug-resisting nature of cancer cells to do so. Medical interests also expand to anti-aging drugs. Mikhail Blagosklonny’s research on the science behind the process of cell cycle has led to knowledge in how to preserve perfectly healthy human cells and apply them to combat cancer and the aging process.

His two medical fields, aging, and cancer, have a lot in common characteristics hence they complement each other. He has used his knowledge from cancer research to advance his knowledge in the mechanism behind the aging process and vice versa. Reputable researchers on Nature, himself included have proposed on multiple times the use of the drug rapamycin in the fight against cancer. Rapamycin is an anti-aging drug he helped create.

Scientific Contributions

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny contributions in the oncology field, as well as the larger scientific research field, cannot be ignored. He has written countless oncology research papers as well as scientific articles to share his infinite knowledge on the subject. His scientific publications are spread over a myriad of oncology and scientific journals including Oncotarget, a peer-reviewed medical journal covering oncology research on and is published on a weekly basis by Impact Journals.

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny founded Oncotarget in 2010. Other publications consist of Aging Journals and Oncoscience. Some of his major achievements towards the discovery of a cure for cancer is his chemotherapeutic and cyclotherapy reverse engineering approaches in cancer treatment. He is an associate editor and chief co-editor for several reputable medical journals in the world of scientific medical research.

Education and Current Position

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny has an M.D in internal medicine which he earned from First Pavlov State Medical University, based in St. Petersburg’s where he also got his Ph.D. in cardiology and experimental medicine. He has worked as an associate professor at the New York Medical College in the early 2000s.

At the moment, Mikhail Blagosklonny is an oncology professor at the renowned Roswell Park Cancer Institute, NY. He spends most of his time in the lab trying to come up with ways to improve the lives of cancer patients and increasing its longevity at the same time. His latest project, Oncotarget has seen tremendous success of late and is on the verge of expanding to other medical disciplines.