Paul Mampilly Switching Attention To The Ordinary Investors

Paul Mampilly decided to leave Wall Street and New York and help ordinary investors make profits after the significant financial losses they suffered in 2008. His firm principle would not allow him to sit and watch as hedge fund managers collect fees as usual while the investors are losing. He decided to start his company, the Capuchin Consulting in North Carolina, where he could give his expertise on the best stock to invest in.

When the crisis happened, he was managing a private account that achieved a record return and was awarded the coveted competition that is sponsored by John Templeton Foundation. At the time where everyone was scared of making an investment, Paul Mampilly took the risk and had a seventy-six percent gain, which was very impressive. According to Paul, it is all about buying the stock at the right time.

Reaching investors
Other than through his company, Mr. Mampilly, gives investment advice through an investment advisory newsletter that is updated weekly and has sixty thousand subscribers. With just his advice, the subscribers with their brokerages can make wise stock decisions. Paul Mampilly is also the Investment Director and Editor at FDA Trader and with his extensive experience gives ideas for Agora Financials that are creating returns. By keeping tracks and recommending stocks, Paul helps ordinary individuals make huge profits.

About Paul Mampilly
Paul Mampilly has over twenty years of experience in the investment field. He has made himself and others worthwhile investments throughout his career. Apart from founding his firm, Mr. Mampilly has worked as the Author of several publications including Stansberry Research and Common Sense Publishing. At the early stages of his career, he worked at Bankers Trust Company as the Portfolio Manager and Deutsche Asset Management as a Research Analyst.

Personal investments
Paul Mampilly has also made personal investments that cannot go unnoticed. He invested in Sarepta Therapeutics in 2012 and eight months later sold with a gain of 2539%. In 2008, when Netflix was not so popular, he saw the potential the network has and made his investment. He later sold in 2010 making a 634% gain. Paul also invested in Ariad Pharmaceutical, Facebook, among other corporations and made a cumulative gain of 6220%.