The Exquisite Experience at The Roberto Santiago Manaira’s Shopping Mall

An inquiry into the Brazilian world of entrepreneurship would disclose that Roberto Santiago is one of the most proficient and most renowned business moguls in the country. Mr. Roberto Santiago is famous for being the founder and owner of one of the most fascinating shopping destinations in the State of Paraiba, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall located in Joao Pessoa.


Born 58 years ago and raised in Joao Pessoa, Roberto Santiago went to the Pio X-Marxist College and later got enrolled in the University Centre of Joao Pessoa. It is during his time therein that he attained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He was first employed at a décor manufacturing company, Café Santa Rosa. He did not work there for a long time since he started and moved to his own company, the Cartonnage Company.


His company was essentially involved in the production of carton boxes made out of cardboards. Business got very efficient for Roberto Santiago as he had begun to make a myriad of decorative products in large scale, and his customer base also widened significantly. Subsequently, the profits that he had realized from this business enabled him to venture into the world of real estate.


As he manoeuvred and traversed the daunting field of real estate, he hatched a plan to establish something phenomenal, and in 1987, he bought a piece of land in which he established the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. He set up these premises within a period of two years after which it was launched in 1989.


One of the features that make the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall one of the most magnificent shopping destinations in Brazil is that it gives customers a wide variety to choose from. The incredible mall has close to 300 stores which include a series of business premises such as gaming lounges; financial institutions such as banks; a fancy gym; hotels and restaurants; a cinema; and a concert hall. This is perfectly orchestrated to give the customers a whole world of experience and excitement.


Roberto Santiago has been the slippery eel who has never been stopped by the coarse waves raging in the sea of entrepreneurship. Even when several economic institutions crumbled down during the 2015 economic crisis, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall remained steadfast and unmoved throughout the turbulence. His prolificacy as a businessman was further exhibited when he established another mall called the Mangeira in his home town of Joao Pessoa.