Thor Halvorssen Raises Awareness In New York For Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen moved to New York after working for the government in Venezuela, and he started the Human Rights Foundation to raise awareness of the issues that he saw in the world. He is very concerned about human rights issues around the world, and he is trying to make sure that he keeps the awareness up as much as he can.

He knows that a lot of people are simply not aware of what is going on in the world, but he thinks that he can teach them what is going on by giving them a look at what is happening.

The Human Rights Foundation has a lot of material that people can read about problems around the world, and there are many people who will be able to learn for the first time about these problems. They might have heard about this on the news, but the news does not list everything that is happening in the world today. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

There are many that will have a feeling about these problems that make them feel like they should do something, and the Human Rights Foundation will be sure that they are educating people are much as possible.

Someone who wants to be able to learn should look to Thor because they can get the information that they need. They can learn about countries where they want to volunteer, or they might learn about countries where they are willing to help.

The people that are willing to learn from Thor Halvorssen, and the Human Rights Foundation will be the place to learn. The idea is to help people get in tune with how they can help the third world countries of the world, and the Human Rights Foundation is Thor Halvorssen’s gift back to the world that does humanitarian work.

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